Agile Data ┬╗ Enterprise Features

If you have a PHP application no your hands that starts to become a legacy and is increasingly difficult to maintain, Agile Data offers a good strategy to gradually clean up your App without full rewrite.

We have already helped several companies to convert their SaaS applications into Agile Data and address scalability, performance, data integrity and documentation issues.

Get in touch with us and we will give you demo over Skype or Hangout and answer all your questions.

What will happen?

Our companys team have a various backgrounds in technologies and frameworks. Yet we are very passionate about Agile Data and Agile Toolkit.

If your current application is using using a public or custom framework, our will re-implement your business logic in Agile Data using your existing Database Vendor / Schema.

The new logic will be complimented with Tests, Documentation and Backend-UI. We will then help your existing developer team to start integrate Agile Data throughout your exsting Application. Start with a most problematic areas and gradually migrate all business logic into your new API. You existing app will now work efficiently and retain same look & feel!

If you prefer to start a new Frontend UI (or if you do not have in-house team) we can also build a new Front-end for your application that fully utilise Agile Data and Agile Toolkit.

What Performance improvement can I expect?

The most common problem with slow sites is large number of database queries. Depending on your current solution, your app may generate 5-100 queries per-page. Using Agile Data it is possible to reduces this down to 2-5 queries boosting you performance 2-10 times.

How long will this take?

Even the most complex business logic can be implemented in Agile Data within a few weeks. We would have to review your particular situation to give you an exact timeframe.

Can my existing do it?

Sure. Agile Data and Agile Toolkit are available under Open-Source license and are fully documented, so you are welcome to use it anytime. We recommend you to contact us anyway as we have some private tools and extensions that can save you weeks of development time. Here are some of them:

  • Powerful ACL extension for Agile Data
  • Audit system for recording data access and modificatinos with system-wide UNDO.
  • Powerful CLI tools - importer, console, exported
  • Template-driven report generator for Excel.

If you have a great idea for another tool or extension - tell us! If we end up implementing such a tool, you will get free lifetime access and support.

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Recent News

10 Mar: "or" condition

Somehow we forgot to implement "or" conditions. Spotted and implemented in version 1.1.11.

20 Dec: Reports

For all your aggregation needs. Use your Domain Models to GROUP and UNION without hardcore queries.

01 Dec: stable 1.1.6

We are now officially in the "stable" mode. Expect less releases and more focus on stability.

03 Nov: Audit

Practical event sourcing for your PHP project. Full audit trail and UNDO functionality.

27 Sep: released 1.1.0

Added a strong type support as well as many bugfixes and improvements.

11 Aug: released 1.0.2

  • Change: Renamed Field_One/Field_Many into Relation_One/Relation_Many
  • Fix: addCondition(field, [..])
  • Add: hasMany()->addFields();
  • Fix: hasOne relation traversal on unloaded model
  • Fix: hasOne accepts default value
  • Fix: subqueries are using aliases
  • Add: added advanced docs
  • Add: added Field->set()
  • Add: added Field->mandatory
  • Fix: random bugfixes

26 Jul: released 1.0.1

  • Fix: insert() cloning
  • Fix: ref() without active record works
  • Add: title_field support
  • Add: ref() hasOne save hook
  • Add: isDirty()
  • Add: afterUnload/beforeUnload hooks
  • Add: automatic model reloading
  • Add: advanced usage pattern doc
  • Add: support for related alias
  • Fix: bugs with joined table save
  • Add: withID()
  • Fix: preserve dirty flags for afterSave
  • Fix: set twice, then unset
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