UI and Data Framework for Web Apps
Contains CRUD, Grid, Form, Menu and other UI components. Integrates with SQL, NoSQL or RestAPIs.
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Agile UI

Agile UI is a object-oriented PHP framework for building interractive Web User Interfaces. Outputs valid HTML/JS using Semantic UI CSS Framework.

  • 10+ Components (CRUD, Grid, Form, Menu, Paginator and many more)
  • 2 HTML Layouts (Admin layout, Centered layout)
  • 5+ Automated Form Field types (Calendar, Money, Drop-downs)
  • Full integration with jQuery and various plug-ins.
  • Will work with your existing database (SQL, NoSQL or RestAPI)
  • Super extensible
  • Open-Source
With Agile UI you can be used to render individual component or produce entire interface and can be integrated with all major PHP Full-Stack frameworks.

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Agile Data

Designed for medium to large PHP applications and frameworks, Agile Data is a modern implementation of Data Persistence Mapper that will:

  • Make your application really database-agnostic. SQL? NoSQL? RestAPI? Cache? Load and store your data with any of these, without refactoring your code.
  • Execute more on the server. Agile Data converts query logic into server-specific language (e.g. SQL) then delivers you the exact data rows / columns which you need from a single statement, no matter how complex.
  • Data architecture transparency. As your database structure change, your application code does not need to be refactored. Replace fields with expressions, denormalize/normalize data, join and merge tables. Only update your application in a single place.
  • Extensions. "Audit" - transparently record all edits, updates and deletes with "Undo" support. "Reports" - add conditions, group results, union results then group them again, join add limit for a great report design.
  • Out of the box UI. Who wants to build Admin systems today? Tens of professional components: CRUD, Grid, Form as well as add-ons like Charts can be added to your PHP app with 3-lines of code.
  • RestAPI server for Agile Data is currently under development.
  • Agile Data and all extensions mentioned above are licensed under MIT and are free to use.
You can use Agile Data as a stand-alone library inside your existing PHP project.

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