PHP UI you can “use”, not “reinvent”
Interactive PHP component framework. Integrates with SQL, NoSQL or RestAPIs.
20-minute introduction

Agile UI

Agile UI is a stand-alone framework that implements all the necessary components to build fully-featured and interractive user interface for your PHP application.

  • Extensive library of Object-Oriented PHP components.
  • Renders into HTML for Semantic UI.
  • Full integration with jQuery and various plug-ins.
  • Will work with your existing database (SQL, NoSQL or RestAPI)
Use Agile UI to render either a single Form or entire UI layout of your web app. Integrates with most full-stack PHP frameworks.

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Agile Data

PHP framework implementing an entirely new pattern for data abstraction designed for remote databases with high latency. Agile Data focuses on reducing number of requests your App have to send while also offering full Domain Model mapping and Database vendor abstraction.

  • DataSets - persistent conditions enforced for all C.R.U.D. operations.
  • SQL Persistence Mapping - map Model to multiple joined tables, use sub-selects, expressions, type and column mapping.
  • Deep Traversal, Actions - work and reference sets of data without loading them inside your app.
  • Extensions - Audit, Union, Aggregation, Import, Export, Console and RestAPI server.
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