Full-stack PHP Web UI toolkit
Your HTML, CSS, JS knowledge is optional. Now with 3rd party add-ons and services.
Download Agile Toolkit 4.3.2

Agile Toolkit

Agile UI comes with a desktop-class GUI as a standard. New to Web Development? Make your first PHP lines of code matter:

$crud = $this->add('CRUD');
$crud->addButton('Refresh')->on('click', $crud->js()->reload());

Agile Platform

Web apps today are no longer just Code+Database. We rely more on 3rd party APIs, libraries and frameworks.

Agile Platform raises the bar by creating add-on library that come with User Interface as a standard while keeping add-ons inside a secure environment.

Agile Data - Your data. Secured.

Agile Data is a layer that provides efficient and scalable access to the data models you choose for the add-ons you trust.

Features include domain to persistence mapping, SQL and NoSQL support, Audit, ACL, multi-record operations and much more.

DSQL - Most Advanced Query Builder

While most PHP frameworks will have a query builder, we have designed DSQL to be superior in features, more elegant in object design andmore efficient. DSQL is part of Agile Toolkit, but it can be used separatly.

Visit DSQL on GitHub. License: MIT

Agile CSS - Web UI Framework

You do not see many UI add-ons for PHP frameworks because each web app implements UI differently. Agile Toolkit apps and add-ons use same CSS framework, making all UI consistent and themeable.

Visit Agile CSS on GitHub. License: MIT

Agile Core - Framework Building Blocks

Agile Toolkit relies on collection of PHP traits to re-use some functionality across different areas of the framework. Like other components of Agile Toolkit, Core is fully documented and released as open-source.

Visit Agile Core on GitHub. License: MIT