Agile Toolkit Instalation Troubleshooting

by Romans, 17 January 2015

Things not always go smooth when you install a web application. We tried to design Agile Toolkit to be minimalistic and require minimum dependencies to be installed. However if you run into trouble, here I give you some more information about what can go wrong and how to fix things.

Agile Toolkit Bundle

Starting from 4.3 Agile Toolkit is distributed as a downloadable .ZIP bundle containing installer to guide you through. The package contains.

  • Agile Toolkit Framework (can be individually downloaded from our Github page)
  • Sandbox environment (including Instaler)
  • Minimal dependencies (/vendor)
  • Initial project interfaces (/frontend and /admin)

PHP Built-in web server

Starting from PHP 5.4 it's now possible to work on your project without webserver. To help execute that we've included two files:

  • run.bat

Edit those files as you see necessary. "" seems to work fine on Mac and Linux however if further tweaking is needed, share your progress with us on the forum.

Port 80 on Windows

We've noticed that Skype tends to make use of port 80 on Windows. Close Skype, restart WAMP then try opening page again. Consider moving to a different port.

Further Help

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