Changes in Agile Toolkit PHP Framework 4.3

This page lists all the fundamental changes if you are switching from 4.2 branch of Agile Toolkit. The focus of this article is on the PHP framework only.

Hey Mayack. I have updated the templates to the master branch of ATK4 CSS. The **index page** looks consistent again, but I think it's long overdue for your attention.

In terms of content, I think nothing needs to change there much, just make existing content there look nice again. When you are finished - I can connect it with the real content feed.

Please use this new page to tell others about about your exciting progress! Be sure to note down, what was completed and how others can help you. Consider this as a micro-blog which is initially for our internal use but then we can use it to tweet or post updates. Put your update on the top, be sure to include date and your name. Only post significant updates, where you do want others to give you some help. Don't forget screenshots and also link your post to appropriate page!

Initially, to change this page you should do it inside `templates/page/changes.jade`, however later on I'll create a **Markdown** file for this.