Intro ┬╗ Agile Toolkit - Getting Started

Agile Toolkit simplifies creation of Web Apps, but you will have to write program code. If you haven't programmed yet - learning to program has a great academical value and will significantly expand your capabilities.

The first tool you will need to install to use Agile Toolkit is a decent text editor. We recommend to use Sublime Text.

The other thing you will need is PHP. There are many differentway to install it and you will see a more detailed instructions once you download Agile Toolkit.

What is a Web App?

We will be building interractive webpages. Those web pages will recognize their visitors, allow to authenticate them and offer access to some user data.

There are many possible web apps you could build and persaps you already have one in mind, but throughout the tutorials I will be teaching you to build a Student Management app.

You will have to imagine that you run a small school, attended by students. We will start by planning out different types of data application can work with, such as - students, courses, subjects, teachers.

What is Software as a Service?

It's awesome when you can built your application for your own use. We highly encourage you to do so. When it's only yourself and perhaps some other people in your company / organization who use the app - we commit to offer you everything free of charge - software, support, services and even hosting.

However once you have a decent app, you might think about monetising it. This is - letting other people use your app for a monthly fee. Your software will be offerred to others "as a service".

Agile Toolkit is ideal platform for such an application, but you will have to use "personal developer" plan with Agile Toolkit.

Commercial Support for Agile Toolkit

Our team who made Agile Toolkit available for you have been in Web Development business for over 15 years now. We ourselves have used Agile Toolkit in all the possible configurations and have tremendous amount of experience.

If your company is willing to develop software but needs a commercial support from us, you will find our "commercial developer" license the most suitable.

We will work closely with your company on integration, customization and some other complex tasks of fine-tuning Agile Toolkit for your particular needs.

Find out about some third party offers to Agile Toolkit developers.