Intro ┬╗ Agile Toolkit - A Modern Web Platform

If you have never heard about Agile Toolkit - it is a platform designed for new web developers. It consists of three major components:

  1. OpenSource PHP Farmework - code to make web development simpler. Your new web app will bundle and rely on this component.

  2. Sandbox - downloadable environment to help you while you are developing your app. Sandbox is only helpful during development (a.k.a IDE)

  3. Cloud - our server environment, where you can deploy and host your web app in a modern and simple way.

Goals of Agile Toolkit

Agile Toolkit is a PHP framework for development of Web Application. It uses concepts from Mobile and Desktop toolkits for building Native HTML applications. Agile Toolkit has a strong philosophy and is driven by the key 5 principles: Simple, Advanced, Composite, Inherited and Agile.

  1. Teach you to make web apps with minimum effort and shortest amount of code.

  2. Remove complexities and obstacles, such as "designing your app", "deploying to server" or "configuring database permissions".

  3. Transparently use most suitable solutions such as Composer, Git and responsive CSS in your application even if you are not familiar with them yet.

  4. Allow you to eventually customize and tweak any aspect of your app without any limitations.

  5. Remain free to use for open-source and personal projects.

The ultimate goal of Agile Toolkit is to make Web App development more accessible to anyone.

Agile Toolkit - PHP Framework

Agile Toolkit PHP framework has unique design. It differs from other PHP frameworks by some of it's ideas and implementation. It is more similar to Desktop UI Toolkits such as Apple Cocoa, QT, Java Swing or even .NET.

Many developers who write web apps with Agile Toolkit praise it for unique and consise syntax, code readability and simplicity.

$form = $this->add('Form');
$form->addSubmit('Save Book');


    return "Your book has been saved.";

User Interface

After your first few lines of PHP code in Agile Toolkit you will see that you do not need to write any HTML. That is because Agile Toolkit comes with User Interface library designed around modern responsive CSS framework.

Just in under one hour you will be able to develop a complex administration interface for your database all with a stunning User Interface.

When you are ready to extend the interface / design, you will discover that it's much clear and organized that any other CMS system you have everused.


Your web application will be bundled with an incredibly popular jQuery library. Not only that, but you will be able to access JavaScript methods through your PHP code.

That means - work with JavaScript is organized and clean. Agile Toolkit will teach you how to keep it under control.

Data Manipulation

Your web app will need to work with persistent data storage. In a typical LAMP app you would need to work with MySQL, however many modern web apps are using NoSQL solutions today.

Agile Toolkit brings data storage abstraction - you can design your data model once and store it with any database of your liking. Still you will be able to use unique features of any individual database system, for example if you will use SQL, you will be able to take advantage of expressions, relations, sub-selects and stored procedures.


When you Download Agile Toolkit to your local computer, the ZIP contains a PHP Framework and Sandbox. The Sandbox will help you configure your local development environment and then assist you throughout your journey.

When you are ready to share your application with the world, sandbox will make it as easy as clicking few buttons. Sandbox relies on Git and use of REST APIs and integrates with Agile Toolkit Cloud service to bring you seamless experience.

Agile Cloud

If you have just picked up development, we know you wouldn't have any server management experience. Even if you have worked with web servers before web application deployment today is no longer using FTP, SSH and Virtual Hosts for Web Apps.

Agile Cloud is built on top of a modern Docker technology, which makes app deployment quick, safe and secure.

This is not a limitation. If you prefer to install your web app through FTP on your own server - you can still do it quite easily.

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