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This is how to use a Button in PHP

by, Romans 08 December 2016
It might have been a long run, but it's time that we give our HTML-writing skill a proper send-off. It has served us well all this time, but we all have a better things to do with our lives then copy-pasting HTML between Bootstrap CSS example page and your template engine.

Agile Data Released

by, Romans 11 August 2016
Frankly, I haven't written SQL queries for over a decade. With the majority of my projects being developed in Agile Toolkit, I always had a comfort of a built-in "Relational Models". Even though the implementation of "Models" was a bit lacking in ATK, it was decent and stable.

Native MySQL migrator (in PHP)

by, Romans 16 March 2015

Traditionally Agile Toolkit relied on a bash script to perform MySQL updates for it's projects. It did a job, but had various problems such as not being able to execute on Windows machines and storing database state in files.

New Life of Agile Toolkit

by, Romans 17 January 2015

Things have been busy in preparation for 4.3 but we are finally here. If you haven't got 4.3, do not hesitate to download and try it. The framework has received huge amount of improvements and tweaks, but there are some huge changes in eco-system around the framework:


I am happy to announce that Agile Toolkit 4.3 is 100% documented. All the documentation have been pulled together and organized. Available Online:

Comparing Agile Toolkit

by, Romans 04 July 2014

Often being asked - how does Agile Toolkit compare to other PHP (and non-php frameworks) I decided to dedicate this blog post and explain to you what Agile Toolkit really is and how does it compare to other software and services.

Platform as a ServiceCSS User InterfacePHP Backend
Downloadable Project Sandbox
Integration with
Add-on and Widget repository
Themes and Layouts
Commercial Edition
Responsive Agile CSS
Out of the box UI
Frontend, Admin and REST
JavaScript events
jQuery UI integration
Object Oriented Core
Models and Data Sources
Dynamic SQL
Relational SQL Models
Template Engine

Agile Toolkit is all of the above working seamlessly together built in such a way to make learning as simple and as straightforward as possible. Agile Toolkit is committed to support OpenSource projects and to offer good commercial platform for Start-ups, Small and Medium companies and even Enterprise.