News and articles about Agile Toolkit PHP, Agile CSS and Web Development in general.

Agile Data 1.2 Released

by, romans 16 June 2017
Almost a year have passed since the release of Agile Data 1.1. For us, the primary goal was to improve the stability of Agile Data and focus on developing UI extensions. So what was added in the due course?

Agile UI Hackathon in Riga, Latvia

by, Romans 25 February 2017
On behalf of the creators of Agile UI, I welcome you to the first Agile UI hackathon to be held in Latvia. Today, we invite you to emerse yourself into our product and have fun. Our team is very passionate about component-based web development have been working hard to bring you the first version of our Component Framework. Today, we present our latest work which is an open-source product and is available to you for both personal and commercial projects.

Disjoint Subtypes in PHP

by, Romans 26 January 2017
We would like to tell you more about Disjoint Subtypes approach, what are the benefits of the approach and how it can be implemented and used efficiently in modern PHP.

This is how to use a Button in PHP

by, Romans 16 January 2017
It might have been a long run, but it's time that we give our HTML-writing skill a proper send-off. It has served us well all this time, but we all have a better things to do with our lives then copy-pasting HTML between Bootstrap CSS example page and your template engine.

Agile Data Released

by, Romans 04 January 2017
Frankly, I haven't written SQL queries for over a decade. With the majority of my projects being developed in Agile Toolkit, I always had a comfort of a built-in "Relational Models". Even though the implementation of "Models" was a bit lacking in ATK, it was decent and stable.